I’ve been exposed to mold.

Now what do I do?

Understanding the effects of mold on your body & what to do about your home & tests you can take.

Ready to rebalance your hormones and improve your gut health naturally?

I’ll teach you how to use your strengths to make it happen.

I’m a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. I teach people how to use their internal strengths to help them release excess weight, sleep better, increase their energy, improve their mood, stop triggering from stress, and become healthier and happier.

I remember a time not long ago when I didn’t feel well. I had weight problems and health challenges. To look at me I looked well, but I didn’t feel that way. In fact, I was eating the same things I always had, yet the foods I loved no longer loved me back, and then the sleepless nights came, the extra weight and fatigue. In order to feel better, I had to let go of the “perfect” image I had of myself and just let myself heal. I had to release the emotions, thoughts and actions that got me where I was and learn to use my internal strengths to feel well and to be happier.

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I get to the root of the challenges you are having with your hormones and gut health. I help you to use your internal strengths to guide you to better digestive health, a sense of calm and peace; while minimizing or eliminating many of the unnecessary hormonal symptoms, stomach and digestive symptoms you may be having.

And I focus on you. You are in the drivers’ seat. You know yourself better than anyone else.

I’m here to walk alongside you and guide you so you don’t feel alone in your wellness journey. I want you to have someone knowledgeable, educated and has the right functional tools to support you in your journey. Someone who is an expert in helping you get more motivated and change your own behavior so that you can experience vibrant health and wellness. All while using positive psychology, principles of functional nutrition and wellness.

I’ve walked in your shoes before. I can relate to many of the health challenges you are having from gaining weight the middle, to having no energy, to mood swings, cravings, to developing food sensitivities/allergies, gut infections, to not being able to stay asleep at night, to rashes, and to dealing with an autoimmune issue. I have experienced all of these and more.

And I am ready to help you get to the other side just like I did—without beating yourself up in the process.

That is why I started Be Well Health Coaching…to help you balance your hormones and restore your gut and overall health naturally.

My unique approach and 5-step system is straight-forward and I know it will work for you as it has for my clients.

Ready to get on the right path? Take the first step to rebalancing your hormones, improving your gut health, and healing your mind and body. Schedule your free, initial consultation.

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